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A wizard adventure is ready now to make you have scary and funny moments

ThrowThunder is a low-poly mild-horror electric-wizard 3d platformer where you get to escape from an horrible robotic prison.

You play as an electric mage and find yourself into a dark jail full of robots. You must escape from there but lots of dangers're waiting for you!


There're lots of features that will make you spend your free time in a funny, gloomy and replayable way

In this game you get to:

-FEAR all robots in the gloomy and dark prison

Prepare to constantly be in tension and jumps off your chair when a guardbot sees you and begins to chase you!

-UNLEASH your electric power
      -by throwing thunderbolts, feeling the power in your hands,
      -by launching electric grenades, so that you can confide delivering things that explode
      -or by doing a shock punch and free your fear when a robot appears from nowhere!

-EXPLORE 4 vast areas that change in color and form so that you'll not get bored, seeing the same enviroment, and will be curious to see what's next

-CUSTOMIZE your mage with various colors, that robots randomly drop.

So you can express your unique inner wizard and show your rarest colors to your friends.

Also ,because they're random,the game is very replayable

And also you'll face 2 hard bosses and many types of bots,that will give you a fun and scary challenge. 

You only have 3 hearts, if you die, you have to restart the level from the beginning. If you like hard things and reach the end, you're  great!

------------GAME VERSIONS ----------

3 version of the game: one to try it for free, one at a right price for a balanced buyer, another for fans to have some extra gadgets

Download now! Select from:

-Free Teaser (Price: Free): a 5 minutes version of a little part of the game  to taste it and see if you like it, if you're not sure to take it.

It's one cool part of the game with a miniboss!

-Basic Version (Price: 1$) :the complete version of the game with all features

-Wizard Version (Price: 3$): the basic version+some concept arts ( 4 backgrounds: 2  with logo and 2 identical but without logo), if you're really a fan!

Make your choice and take it now!

---------CONTACTS AND  SOME ADVICES------------

For news follow my Twitter account @Gelikus!

For bugs or other problems you can contant me on Twitter or on itch. Please note that i'm a solodev and self-taught so be patient for any problems especially hardware ones. Reccomend a good and modern computer


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

ThrowThunder_BasicVersion 70 MB
ThrowThunder_WizardVersion 76 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

Download demo

ThrowThunder_FreeTeaser 61 MB

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